Consumer & Volunteer Profiles

A Q&A with consumer representative and member of the Community Participation Committee


How did you come to use Star Health services?
Since having kids, I have used many of the standard services such as GP, but have also received Family Violence support and attended parenting & mental health courses as well as playgroups.

Why did you want to join the CPC?

Star Health have supported me so much over the years, I wanted to give back as a way of saying Thank You and also be an active part of the wonderful Star Health Community.


What are you most proud of the CPC achieving this year?

The Consumer Manual we produced together as a Committee, we worked really hard on it!


Since being a member of the CPC, what positive growth have you seen for yourself?

It's been quite a healing journey… I have gained confidence and a voice again. I was a speaker on the Mental Health panel recently, something I'm super passionate about, having struggled with this myself in the past.


What do you look forward to most when attending a CPC meeting?

The connection & engagement with the wonderful Star Health Staff and Committee members plus hearing about the latest Star Health updates and topical issues such as COVID.


You have encouraged others to use Star Health services, why is that?

They offer an exceptional broad range and depth of services, more than most people realise. I'm particularly passionate about promoting the family violence & mental health services.


What are you passionate about outside Star Health?

Anything to do with Health & Wellbeing, particularly with regards to families. I'm a single mum of 2 young kids, 6 & 7 years old & a Kids Yoga teacher. I love to dance, yoga, meditate and be in nature as much as possible plus being a part of a local Community is really important to me.

Consumer Profile - Melissa

My involvement in co-design from a consumer perspective at Star Health showed me, that where consumers are involved in service creation from inception, great things can be accomplished. I was one of the first consumer representatives to undergo consumer leadership training for such purposes and Star Health’s expertise in co-production practices has truly created a culture where all types of expertise are valued equally, and the quality of their services has and continues to improve due to the input of consumers like myself. 

As Peer Support Worker at St Vincent’s Footbridge CCU my role involves working with complex consumers on their mental health recovery programs as part of a multidisciplinary team. Here, my lived experience is rated by the value these complex consumers find in my similar experiences and my ability to communicate that articulately and professionally to the clinical team.

Star Health gave me exceptional experience in how to create a safe space for sharing lived experience and self-reflection resulting in clinical contribution that shapes Victoria’s mental health services for the future.

Meet a volunteer - Vanessa

My role at Star Health is as a Public Health Research Volunteer in the Health Promotion team.

After retiring from an illustrious career in academia and allied health, I felt that I wanted to contribute within the health sector. After our COVID lockdowns,

I started to look for volunteer positions and found the advertisement for Star Health on Seek. The position description sounded interesting and challenging so I applied.

I want to help make a difference within our community and help to improve the lives of those living and working in Port Phillip & Stonnington. Being part of the Star Health team has been exciting, interesting and fun, just what I was looking for.